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Secretarial Services

Below is a price list for the services we offer.

General services   $30.00
per hour
Includes typing, alterations, spreadsheets,
formatting documents, trimming, etc.
Scanning (per scan without alterations)    
First Page   $3.50
Additional Pages   $0.40
Copy to Floppy disk   +$1.00
Copy to CD-Rom   +$2.00
Copy to Email   +$1.50
of 30mm slides or negatives   POA
Laminating (per copy)    
A4   $2.00
A3   $3.00
Colour Printing (per copy)    
Full colour page   $1.50
Headings only in colour   $0.95
Mono Printing (per copy)   $0.10
Transparencies (per copy)    
Black and White   $1.00
Colour   $2.80
CD Duplication (per CD)   $6.00

Fax Service 1st Pg Next Pgs
Incoming $0.50 $0.50
Local $1.00 $0.50
STD $2.75 $1.00
OTC $3.50 $2.80

POA - For bulk orders

Free pick-up and delivery service
(Depending on location)

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